I know its hard for me each day to woke up and sleep at night because my body’s clock has been disturb and I know throughout this whole process I will able to recover hopefully soon, to sleep 8 hours a day and to study early morning. I will be worry free …. I will pray often for God’s guidance because I know through him nothing is impossible as long as we believed. And I also wanna thank my parents for giving me a chance to change my life and also for their support. Someday at God’s perfect time I will pay back the hardworks and patience they gave to me and as I get older I will never forget those times I was in the midst of confusion.

But for now I let him gooo because I want to be healed from pains…


D-3 Reconnecting

My sleeping habits had been destroyed for the past 5 years now it seems odd that you know that kind of feeling that you wanted to throw those kinds of memories ‘coz you’re sick of it! I admit I’m tired forgiving people and giving them chances but wth they never changed…

So last time I tried to dial his number and the phone rings but no answer thank God! hahaha or else my recovering period will be over.

So this morning I woke up and prayed to God to give me strength each day that I will be okay for this past days. I will let my heart rest for a long period and will open to the right person who deserve to be loved because this days some are the boys who are loyal and I know that God has planned the right person for me at the right time so as of now my goal is to finish college and get that Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree! 

Pauline xx

D-2 Fixing Myself

Dearest readers,

How are you today? I’m bit okay right now listening to a stop while memories flashbacks I know moving on is not easy especially long term relationship but choice is a choice I must stick to that decision because if I continue that long way journey I will get hurt must worser than ever I know I can do this because girls are also tough we stick on our decisions.

Right now my inspiration is my mom, She was sick while staying at a hotel in Cebu, were all worried about her and that was the most awakening moment of our lives if ever (simbako! What would be our future without her? She is our everything, She’s a special gem stone of our family and the source of light) 

So as of now I’ll be good at my study, Graduate soon and hopefully discover a new world that barriers of dream will become real ❤️
By the way the song I was listening was Clean Bandit x Zara Larsson SYMPHONY

Breakup and Moving On

Hi everyone I know its a bit late but I can’t sleep because its hard to move on. I ended up my 5 year relationship earlier today because its so hard to work and understand each others differences.

Yes he is full of pride and honor to his self but what about other people? He’s not concern with the feelings of others and thats why I always cry and get hurt.

Yes, I’m always insecure to the people around me who had their boyfriends but one thing I’m thankful is that I woke up from a dream that reality hits you really hard I know I am mature and I’m still not used to it someday and sometime I will able to recover and fixed myself first because I ruin everything there comes a point where I doesn’t even know who I am anymore …

Life is full of surprises, You might be happy today and end up broken but once you fix things out you can smile and be happy again finding new love or maybe a choice of being single blessedness. 


This is Pauline Cañalita 

ENDING a 5 years relationship!

Happy Mothers Day! 

Hello dearest reader Im very sorry been busy at school lately anyways the good thing is that Im baccck for posting this blog again and Im so happy that today marks as a celebration for all the inspiring mothers out there Happy Mothers Day salute to all mothers! ❤️ 

In generalization I want to give honor to the mothers out there for giving life of a child from 9 months of back pains, vomiting, leg cramps and nonstop contractions 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I’ve been working on a delivery room before and Im so happy to witness those precious memories that a mother meets her child. The moment when the child grasp her mother’s hand and when the child wants to be carried by her mom. 

To all the mother’s Ma, Nanay, Madre, Mueter, Morsa, Mamá, Mommy depends on what you call to your mom thank you for giving birth to us, for inspiring us everyday, for loving us unconditionally ….

What are your #HiddenTalents ?

Having an axiety sometimes makes you wonder even more but there’s a solution to that if you’re having anxiety because of being bored and got nothing to do well find a new hobby it relieves stressed and discovering your hidden talents.

My hobby was photography. I love photography so much it eases my pain and suffering I discover it since I was in high school but not as pro as you think I love nature and its always my backdrop or my main masterpiece. I love taking sunset photos because it makes me realized that after a day has passed by new day is coming but before that make sure you’re done of your tasks for that day.

Also I love to cook I discovered it by myself when no one was there to cook for our dinner sometimes you need to widen your thoughts and began experimenting let go of fear because it causes you more anxiety!

How about you? what are your hidden talents? I know that sometimes our anxiety causes us to think different but letting go some of it is our main goal to recover… Lets talk? 

Email: ninajeannepauline@icloud.com

Comment down below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Thank you hope I could help you the best I could xx 💋