D-3 Reconnecting

My sleeping habits had been destroyed for the past 5 years now it seems odd that you know that kind of feeling that you wanted to throw those kinds of memories ‘coz you’re sick of it! I admit I’m tired forgiving people and giving them chances but wth they never changed…

So last time I tried to dial his number and the phone rings but no answer thank God! hahaha or else my recovering period will be over.

So this morning I woke up and prayed to God to give me strength each day that I will be okay for this past days. I will let my heart rest for a long period and will open to the right person who deserve to be loved because this days some are the boys who are loyal and I know that God has planned the right person for me at the right time so as of now my goal is to finish college and get that Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree! 

Pauline xx


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