Happy Mothers Day! 

Hello dearest reader Im very sorry been busy at school lately anyways the good thing is that Im baccck for posting this blog again and Im so happy that today marks as a celebration for all the inspiring mothers out there Happy Mothers Day salute to all mothers! ❤️ 

In generalization I want to give honor to the mothers out there for giving life of a child from 9 months of back pains, vomiting, leg cramps and nonstop contractions 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I’ve been working on a delivery room before and Im so happy to witness those precious memories that a mother meets her child. The moment when the child grasp her mother’s hand and when the child wants to be carried by her mom. 

To all the mother’s Ma, Nanay, Madre, Mueter, Morsa, Mamá, Mommy depends on what you call to your mom thank you for giving birth to us, for inspiring us everyday, for loving us unconditionally ….


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