What are your #HiddenTalents ?

Having an axiety sometimes makes you wonder even more but there’s a solution to that if you’re having anxiety because of being bored and got nothing to do well find a new hobby it relieves stressed and discovering your hidden talents.

My hobby was photography. I love photography so much it eases my pain and suffering I discover it since I was in high school but not as pro as you think I love nature and its always my backdrop or my main masterpiece. I love taking sunset photos because it makes me realized that after a day has passed by new day is coming but before that make sure you’re done of your tasks for that day.

Also I love to cook I discovered it by myself when no one was there to cook for our dinner sometimes you need to widen your thoughts and began experimenting let go of fear because it causes you more anxiety!

How about you? what are your hidden talents? I know that sometimes our anxiety causes us to think different but letting go some of it is our main goal to recover… Lets talk? 

Email: ninajeannepauline@icloud.com

Comment down below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Thank you hope I could help you the best I could xx 💋


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