Parents talk to your child

Are you a parent today? how old your childrens are? are they stubborn which leads you too much stressed?

Because I am in the sea of hate right now my mama is punishing me for 1 week I will be working on our pharmacy and I had given schedules like our maids and I feel like why on earth am I doing this? I spent my life working here on our pharmacy and I was given schedules and oh its says no special treatments.

I lack in communication on my parents I cant even open my problem to them you know why? because they’re so judgemental after I open a problem to them they torture me they hit me like manny pacquiao woaaaah its way to different than a parent who communicate first know what the reason and why did you come up to this? I mean I’ve been to Depression and Anxiety for 2 years after that scenario I trap myself inside my room for 3 days I didn’t eat for 3 days I just want to forget that memory where I was in pain because all my life I was in pain simple slap of a hand into my face traumatized me which makes my depression even worser.

That’s why parents out there make sure to talk to your child, from the day they we’re born till they grow up because you create a bond that other children dont have. Parents also try to listen to your child comfort them and please dont be judgemental because I regret everything why I am like this to my parents I cannot say truth to them, I cant even hug or kiss them I know they loved me but its different when you enjoy your days as a child with your parents because ever since my brother was born I separated myself because you know they love the youngest most and oh they excell most which makes me pressured most because I dont compete myself much Im contented on what I had right now! THE GAP IS WIDER BETWEEN ME AND MY PARENTS i am not stubborn as I describe myself here but in different way there’s part in my life that I lack in guidance more on discipline and more scolding.

I hope childrens out there who experience what I’d experience before please learn from my experience sometimes we want things be done for our own good but think of those person who might be involve be senstive on what if you done a mistake today that you regret it for all the days in your life always obey what your parents say because they know what’s good for you, they know what’s best for you make time to communicate because living in the world with anxiety makes you think of bad things in life and if no one was there for you make time to know God I know we live in a world with many religion try to adopt one because I believe we only worship in one God they maybe different names but in faith it will move us to where we belong.


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