Why Me, God? #Depression

I had done many mistakes in my life and I regret those wrong decisions I made. We are only human in this world who learn things from our experience maybe because at the end of this pain and tears there’s a new dawn of hope and happiness.

For the past 2 years in my life I’ve been a bad person, I admit it but I learn from that mistakes and having faith in God gives me hope everyday I dont mind the critisms and heavy stones been thrown at me but in God I find happiness again.

It was April 5, 2016 that I encouter God’s presence on our way to Ozamis City I was depressed at that time because I failed for the 1st time in Maternal & Child Nursing At Risk it was the most devastating scenario of my life that I never wanted to go back so I went to Medina College knocking its doors to open but it seems like their last batch of nursing had graduated and I was so hopeless at that time I cant even imagine myself going to school there  I cried and cried at that day I cannot forgive myself I lost in hope I even think of having suicide by jumping the barge but God doesn’t want me to do that because He has plans on me so I went back to Cagayan de Oro to face my fear and enrolled for Summer 2016.

Still trials never stop I failed on minor subject which my grade was actually 75.8% I questioned that Professor why I failed even if that grade is a passing grade I question again myself whyyyy? I need to struggle much??? I want to end this pain I cant take it anymore 😭

After that summer class I began to realized that I need to be more focus on my studies I need to accept that failure is part of life and that makes you a better person but I had heavy emotions I am sensitive I always cry and crying makes me comfortable to release those emotions.

Then GOD’s plan has started I excell on my 1st Semester I was even a top 1 at our class I always pray and pray and study hard. If failure is part of my life AND GOD NEVER FAILED TO ANSWER MY NEEDS EVERYDAY I know he’s always there watching, guiding and protecting me till now I may sometimes lose in hope but I know someday this failure talking to you will rise up as God bestowed his blessings on me.

I hope you will too, God Bless You Dear Readers 😇

After this pain and bucket of tears I will be successful it may take so long but I know God has plans for me.


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