Hello, Summer Class! 💃🏻

Here’s a consequence when you are an irregular student you know why? because you are far behind from the reality. I accepted myself that I am irregular since I was 1st year I lack on interest on my studies which I take things for granted and all the money my parents spend was wasted I am an example of a prodigal son in the bible because I grow up without enjoying my childhood, I grow up being a slave feeling which is bad I remember one summer of my childhood which my parents abandoned me at my aunt’s house cause they’re going to Manila we are unlucky at that time so my parents take their risk going there without realizing that they are victim of illegal recuiter, Imagine the money, time and effort they spend and I was left all alone at my aunt’s house I admit that I am a moody person and my parents always want me to cry first before giving what I want anyways that was the most painful summer in my life that I dont want to remember.

For my Nursing Study, I woke up from reality of the things I’ve done I tried over and over again and today I am mature enough I know I can do this on my own and with the help of God and my parents soon next summer HELLO MANILA! 1 Month Vacay and Affiliation in Manila in God’s Time and My work of hands ❤️


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