Hello, Are You Okay?

Dearest Reader, 

Hello I’m a newbie here. I created this site because I want to feel to others that they’re not alone I am with you throughout your anxiety journey and hopefully I could help you the best I could. I also had an anxiety disorder it started when I was a child because of my parents till now I’m having anxiety because of disappointments again to my parents I feel like a black ship on our family and I feel bad about it! I’m not close to my parents there we’re times that I wanted to cuddle them and say sweet words but they aren’t like the parents I always saw on tv whom they kiss and hug their children and how important they are to them but for me is not easy and being mean is the only way to get their attention for me. Ever since my baby brother was born my life becomes more difficult during my kindergarten years I was an honor student because my mama used to teach and help my assignments but since we had a newbaby on our family I feel like there’s a gap between us, that was the time that I didn’t even work hard on my studies I became a bad person till I got to college same thoughts nothing change the gap is getting wider and the communication between parents and child are neutral no sweet words or even supporting words more on scolding and all the compliments are always on my brother He’s the one who’s more Intelligent than me, more famous than me, more attractive than me and most of all my parents favorite than me. I live in a lie whenever I had assignments at school on describing myself towards my family relationship because I feel like I’m not their child their focus is always my brother I admit that I was jealous of him. Till now its difficult for me to achieve those goals I want, I even wanted to excell on my studies but again nothing beats my brother who’s an achiever He is always my parents favorite and I am at my 5th year in College struggling the course I never wanted to. I graduated highschool year 2012 and the only change I ever got is my weight. I changed so bad because of taking longterm steroids for my asthma for the past years in my life I ‘ve been on and off to hospital still my parents are disappointed at me but here I am still struggling waiting for a new day to rise that maybe one day I could change the way how my parents look at me. 

That’s my life story on How my anxiety develops

Lesson: Parents, Always had a communication to your child don’t be judgemental comfort them as much as you can. Children, Always obey your parents always tell them how much you love them before its too late 😊

My Capping Day

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